Meng, Y., Griffiths, T. L., & Xu, F. (2017) Inferring intentional agents from violation of randomness. Poster to be presented in the 39th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. (paper, poster)


Most recently, I am studying whether infants are willing to update their “core physical knowledge” upon new first-hand evidence and how young children combine doing and thinking to learn the causal structure of the world.

I am also interested in understanding the cognitive and developmental roots of major social phenomena. Below are some examples:

  • endorsement of Intelligent Design → agent/randomness detection
  • stereotype formation → probabilistic reasoning and active learning in the social world
  • ritualistic behavior, superstitions → (erroneous) causal reasoning
  • systems of thoughts (e.g., holistic vs. analytic, dialectic vs. noncontradictory, etc.) →  culturally dependent learning algorithms